Project Based Learning in the Classroom: Setup, Integration and Reflection. Erasmus +. KA101.

La semana del 8 al 13 de julio de 2019 nuestra compañera Marian Navarro tuvo la oportunidad de participar en un curso estructurado en Berlín bajo el proyecto ERASMUS + KA101 bajo el nombre: NUEVAS METODOLOGÍAS PARA FOMENTAR EL APRENDIZAJE ACTIVO Y CONSEGUIR LA PLENA INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DEL IES CAÑADA DE LA ENCINA. A continuación os dejamos el diario que escribió cada uno de los días que estuvo allí, acompañado de unas fotos.

Project Based Learning in the Classroom: setup, integration and reflection. Berlín. Marian Navarro.

Day 1 in Berlin. Today, I’ve been doing some tourism around the historical part of Berlin, which I started in Bradenburg Gate. It’ awesome! In the afternoon, I have started the classes with the presentation of each of the participants. Then, we had some time for games to get to know each other. In the evening, I had the chance to visit the East Side Gallery, where I could see the famous graffitis on the former Berlin Walls. It’s been kind of an exhausting day, but worthy!

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Day 2 of PBL course. We have been working in groups all the time, since this is the methodology we should use when involved in PBL. We have worked on the right steps for Project Based Learning and we have come up with very interesting ideas for future projects. I had the chance to visit AlexanderPlatz, Legoland, Jewish area and its cozy patios. I have just fallen in love with the city.


Day 3 and day 4 have been very productive in terms of possible Erasmus 229 with students. I have talked about the different projects we make in our school and all my partners were impressed. As for the PBL lessons themselves, we have worked on apps to be used in class.
I had the chance to visit the amazing city of Potsdam and the dramatic Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp.


Day 5. Today it’s been the last day of the course. We all have presented our projects based on PBL methodology and we’ve learnt methodologies to make sure children are working properly on their tasks. Finally, I have shown them our projects about Audioguides and Film Festival and they were all impressed by such a hard work. So, I feel so proud of you all. Conclusion, we can all be sure that our school is one of the best!

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Tablets and Smartphones: using mobile devices as educational tools. Erasmus +. KA 101.


El pasado mes de junio, exactamente del 24 AL 29 de junio nuestra compañera Celia Olivares tuvo la oportunidad de participar en un curso estructurado en Dublín bajo el proyecto ERASMUS + KA101 bajo el nombre: NUEVAS METODOLOGÍAS PARA FOMENTAR EL APRENDIZAJE ACTIVO Y CONSEGUIR LA PLENA INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DEL IES CAÑADA DE LA ENCINA. A continuación os dejamos el diario que escribió cada uno de los días que estuvo allí, acompañado de unas fotos.



Day 1.  Today I’ve started the course “Tablet and smartphones: mobile technology as educational devices”. The first part of the class has been dedicated to getting to know each other and stablishing the course aims. Later, we’ve started to work through a platform called slack, really useful to share links or materials in a work group.

After that, we’ve started to review teaching apps, as kahoot, already used for most of us (although I’ve learnt any additional options) and padlet. This was new for me. It gives you a blank wall where you put anything you want on it. It is useful to get the opinion of the students about some subject (e.g. piece of news, extract from a novel, etc.), to do a brainstorming, to get the general knowledge on a subject before starting it or to give information about a topic before developing it in class (similar to a flipped classroom).




Day 2. Second, intense and productive day in Dublin. As I’ve got afternoon classes, I’ve taken advantage of the morning to make some tourism. I’ve visited the Trinity College (Dublin’s University) and its marvelous library whose jewel is “The book of Kells” (a 9th century manuscript). After that, I’ve gone to the Natural Museum History, it’s worth a visit.

Regarding the classes, today I’ve seen really interesting and varied resources. Firstly, we have learnt how to create a YouTube channel; secondly, we’ve used an app called thinglink that allows you to create interactive pictures (including text box, pictures, videos, etc.); thirdly, we’ve used canva, that gives you the possibility to create different materials: posters, homework, reports, cards, etc. Finally, we’ve taken a look at the possibilities of genially, similar to thinglink but it has lots of options, such as preparing presentations, gamification, creating stories, etc.

And that’s all for today, here you have a few pictures of the day!


Day 3. Today has been a really interesting and fun class. We have started to use and app yo edit photos, called 'snapseed' that gives you varied and intuitive options. 

After that, I've introduced our high school with the help of the great Erasmus video edited by our students!

Tomorrow, we'll get started in video edition and for that, we've worked the last part of the class to prepare and record a short video that we'll edit tomorrow.

During the morning, we've made a Dublin tour and visited the St Patrick's cathedral. 

Here you have some pictures that summarize this wonderful day!


Day 4. Today we have worked on editing the films we recorded yesterday with the program Power director. After, we have learnt to use the Flipgrid app, where you create classes (grids) and insert topics. The students have to upload videos to answer the task. Then, we have had a fun moment seeing our short films and another high school has made its presentation. Finally, we have prepared some quizzes with Socrative. 

In the morning, we've visited the Guinness factory and it's been really interesting! Here you have some pictures about this visit


Day 5. Today’s been the last day of the course. We've started creating a google form. Then, using google sites, we've created a simple site. It's an interesting and easy resource to create our website! After, we've learnt to use edpuzzel, an app that allows you to stop a video and insert questions along it. Once the student answers the question, he continues seeing the video. Finally, you get its results. 

During the second part of the class, we've used a new app called mimind that is used to make diagrams about a topic. 

During the morning, we've visited Christchurch (the Dublin Cathedral) and Dublinia (a museum where the history of Dublin is explained)






Estos son los cursos y Job Shadowing que se desarrollarán en este curso académico y el siguiente. Los podemos encontrar ordenados según se irán realizando. Como vemos todos están enmarcados dentro de nuestro proyecto K101 - Nuevas Metodologías para Fomentar el Aprendizaje Activo y Conseguir la Plena Internacionalización del IES CAÑADA DE LA ENCINA.

  • The 4Cs: Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication and Collaboration in Schools - ERASMUS+ SI.1.FC. DUBLÍN. (IRLANDA). 6 al 11 de mayo. Patricia García
  • Intensive English Course and CLIL for Teachers.  EUROPASS. Dublín. (IRLANDA)  3-8 junio 2019. Ana Cabañero.
  • Tablets and Smartphones: using mobile devices as educational tools - ERASMUS+ ICT.1.TAB. FLORENCIA. (ITALIA).  24 a 29 de junio de 2019.  Celia Olivares.
  • Project Based Learning in the Classroom: Setup, Integration and Reflection - ERASMUS+ CLA.1.PBL.  BERLÍN. (ALEMANIA). 8 al 13 de Julio de 2019.  Marian Navarro.
  • Job Shadowing: Balletskole. HOLSTEBRO. (DINAMARCA). 19 - 23 de agosto 2019. Juan Fco Blesa.
  • Photo & Video Making in our Classroom: Creating and Adapting Original Visual Resources” . FLORENCIA. (ITALIA). 22 al 27 de julio 2019. Fran Navarro.
  • Soft skills. FLORENCIA. (ITALIA). 4-9 noviembre 2019. Nina Picazo.
  • Intensive English Course and CLIL for Teachers.  EUROPASS. Dublín. (IRLANDA)  CURSO 2019 - 2020

Intensive English Course and CLIL for Teachers. Erasmus +. KA101.


El pasado mes de junio, exactamente del 3 al 8 de junio nuestra compañera Ana Isabel Cabañero tuvo la oportunidad de participar en un curso estructurado en Dublín bajo el proyecto ERASMUS + KA101 bajo el nombre: NUEVAS METODOLOGÍAS PARA FOMENTAR EL APRENDIZAJE ACTIVO Y CONSEGUIR LA PLENA INTERNACIONALIZACIÓN DEL IES CAÑADA DE LA ENCINA. A continuación os dejamos el diario que escribió cada uno de los días que estuvo allí, acompañado de unas fotos.

 "Intensive English Course and CLIL for Teachers". Dublín. ANA ISABEL CABAÑERO TORRES

Day 1: Today it’s been a really good day. I have visited Tara, a Celtic Valley, and the Braveheart Castle. I have met really friendly people and the weather is fantastic. I love this country!

Día 1: Hoy ha sido un día fantástico. He visitado Tara, un valle celta y el castillo de "Braveheart". He conocido a gente muy amable y el tiempo es fabuloso. ¡Me encanta este país!


Day 2: My second day in Dublin has been great! In the morning I have attended my intensive English language course with games and funny activities. In the afternoon I have learnt CLIL methodology, which is very interesting too. I'm really enjoying this city and this course too!

Día 2: ¡Mi segundo día en Dublín ha sido genial! Por la mañana, he participado en las clases intensivas del curso a través de juegos y actividades divertidas. Por l tarde, he aprendido sobre la metodología CLIL, la cual es muy interesante. ¡Estoy disfrutanto de esta ciudad y de este curso!



Day 3. Dublin is a really interesting city!!! We have visited the most important monuments with a guided tour after our classes. The official guide have explained to us a lot of curiosities about the places in the capital. My favorite one is Molly Malone, a famous woman.

Día 3. ¡Dublín es una ciudad muy interesante! Hemos visitado la mayoría de los monumentos importantes con un tour guiado después de nuestras clases. La guía oficial nos ha explicado multitud de curiosidades sobre los lugares en la capital. Mi favorito es Molly Malone, una mujer famosa. 



Day 4. My fourth day in the academy was very interesting for me. My English language level is getting better day after day. In the afternoon I am attending a CLIL course, and it is really productive. We have been talking about different techniques and activities to teach our subjects in English.

Día 4. El cuatro día en la academía fue muy interesante para mi. Mi nivel de inglés está mejorando día tras día. Por la tarde, estoy asistiendo a las clases CLIL, que son muy productivas. Hemos estado hablando de diferentes técnicas y actividades para enseñar nuestras asignaturas en inglés. 



Day 5. My last day in the academy has been very sad, because I had to say goodbye to my teachers, and my classmates. I have presented some works and they have given us some ideas to be used in class.

Día 5. Mi último día en la academia ha sido muy triste, porque tuvimos que decir adiós a profesores y compañeros. Hemos presentado nuestros trabajos y nos han dado algunas ideas para utilizar en nuestras clases. 





Erasmus + del profesorado. Soverato (Italia) del 15 al 21 de abril.

cofinanciado mini

Courses 2017/18 

Éstas son las cuatro movilidades que llevaremos a cabo con el proyecto "Investigación e inmersión en metodologías activas e innovadoras fuera y dentro del aula del IES CAÑADA DE LA ENCINA". Durante la realización de las mismas os iremos contando día a día la experiencia de los profesores que realizarán estas movilidades. Los cursos y el job shadowing concedidos serán los siguientes:

  1. Curso: Flipped Classroom – Del 8 al 14 de enero en Florencia (Italia)

  2. Job Shadowing : Periodo de observación en Ritarhuaju School. Del 15 al 20 de enero en Oulu (Finlandia).

  3. Curso: Formación en aplicación de actividades relacionadas con la música, plástica y el deporte dentro y fuera del aula. - Del 4 al 10 de febrero en Assen (Países Bajos)

  4. Curso: Formación en actividades fuera del aula. Del 15 al 21 de abril en Soverato. (Italia)

Curso: Formación en actividades fuera del aula. Del 15 al 21 de abril en Soverato. (Italia)

Fifth day - 20th April

This morning, we went to the local market of Soverato. It is held on Fridays and it is very similar to the local markets we can find in Spain: they sell fruit, vegetables, cheese, meat, typical sweets from Calabria region, clothes,…

In the afternoon, we have visited Badolato Superiore, a beautiful town near Soverato placed in a hill. I have really enjoyed this activity. Afterwards, my colleagues and me we have shared a time for dinner and chatting.


Even though my Erasmus + experience comes to an end, my training continues.

Quinto día – 20 de abril

Esta mañana, hemos ido al mercado local de Soverato. Se celebra los viernes y es muy similar a los mercados locales que podemos encontrar en España: venden frutas, verduras, queso, carne, dulces típicos de la región de Calabria, ropa, ...
Por la tarde, hemos visitado Badolato Superiore, una hermosa ciudad cerca de Soverato situada en una colina. He disfrutado mucho esta actividad. Después, mis compañeros y yo hemos compartido un tiempo para cenar y conversar.

Aunque mi experiencia Erasmus + llega a su fin, mi formación continua.

Fourth day -19th April.

Today’s activity consisted in editing the shots we had previously recorded in order to make a little movie. First, in the morning, the instructor has explained us how to use a video editing application called “Final Cut”. After, in the afternoon, we have worked with the app to make our own movie. Finally, we have shared the outcomes with our partners and we have had an amusing time watching our works.

That is what I can tell you about today. Tomorrow, more.


Cuarto Día -  19 de abril.

La actividad de hoy consistía en editar las tomas de vídeo que habíamos grabado previamente para crear una pequeña película. En primer lugar, por la mañana, la monitora nos has explicado cómo utilizar una aplicación de edición de vídeo llamada “Final Cut”. Después, por la tarde, hemos trabajado con la aplicación para crear nuestro propio vídeo. Finalmente hemos compartido los resultados con nuestros compañeros y hemos pasado un rato entretenido viendo nuestros trabajos.

Esto es lo que puedo contaros del día de hoy. Mañana, más.

Third day – 18th April

Today, we have continued with the workshop about video making, although this time it was outdoor. Our task consisted in recording different sounds, and videos using several kinds of shots. We have had a good time doing this activity.   

Tercer día – 18 de abril.

Hoy hemos continuado con el taller sobre la realización de videos, aunque esta vez fue al aire libre. Nuestra tarea consistía en grabar diferentes sonidos y videos usando varios tipos de tomas. Lo hemos pasado bien haciendo esta actividad.

Second day - 17th April

Today, I have taken part in a workshop about video making. We have discussed about how media education can help prevent and fight early education drop out, motivate students and strengthen the relationship between teachers and students.

In the afternoon, we have changed activity. We have had a speech about bullying, how to prevent and fight it.

That is all by today. I will tell you more tomorrow.


Segundo Día – 17 de abril.

Hoy he participado en un taller sobre creación de videos. Hemos debatido sobre cómo la educación en medios de comunicación puede ayudar a prevenir y combatir el abandono escolar temprano, motivar a los estudiantes y fortalecer la relación entre profesores y estudiantes.

Por la tarde hemos cambiado de actividad. Hemos recibido una charla sobre el bullying, cómo prevenirlo y cómo combatirlo.

Eso es todo por hoy. Mañana os contaré más.


First day- 16th April

Today, a group of seven teachers from different European countries has started a course about
Outdoor Learning. My partners come from Croatia, Sweeden, Serbia, Germany and Spain.
The first activity we have done was to meet Erika Gerardini, trainer and designer of the course,
we have also introduced ourselves and our schools. After that we have received some useful
information for our stay in Soverato, and we have gone for a walk to know the town. There is a
beautiful beach, here you are some photos:

Día1 foto1  Día1 foto2

Día1 foto3

Soverato is one of Calabria's most famous fishing villages.

After Lunch, we have had an outdoor session, a dynamic activity to getting to know each other
a bit more. Finally, we have had a workshop about Erasmus + and European framework.
That is all by now. I will tell you more tomorrow.
My best regards.

Primer día. 16 de abril.

Hoy, un grupo de siete profesores de diferentes países europeos ha comenzado un curso sobre
aprendizaje al aire libre y trabajo en equipo. Mis compañeros vienen de Croacia, Suecia,
Serbia, Alemania y España.
La primera actividad que hemos realizado ha sido conocer a Erika Gerardini, formadora y
diseñadora del curso, también nos hemos presentado a nosotros mismos y a nuestros colegios.
Después de eso, hemos recibido información útil para nuestra estancia en Soverato, y hemos
ido a dar un paseo para conocer la ciudad. Hay una hermosa playa (arriba podemos ver las fotos).
Después del almuerzo, hemos tenido una sesión al aire libre, una actividad dinámica para
conocernos un poco más. Finalmente, hemos tenido un taller sobre Erasmus + y el marco
Eso es todo por ahora, mañana os contaré más.

Usted está aquí: Inicio ORGANIZACIÓN Proyectos europeos Erasmus + Profesores